20 June 2018

Come and visit our exhibitions during the 2018 season at the top of the Montuires funicular.

During the summer, discover the exhibitions organized at VerticAlp gallery.

Exhibition of sculptures by Bruno Batista from July to October 2018

Bruno Batista was born in 1980. Carving or engraving stone is his passion. His grandfather Manuel Batista introduced him. It's not a job, it's a priesthood. He is an artist known and respected in this very particular world. Thanks to his qualities and his approach, he obtained the title of "Master stonemason." Bruno Batista worked and executed many works of art in Portugal. In 2012, he decided to go abroad and join Switzerland, more precisely Val de Bagnes. In early 2016, he set up his workshop in Champsec on the village square. He shares the secrets of the stone and knows his language, which allows him to make original and unique pieces.


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Exhibition of paintings by Martial Dumoulin from July to mid-August 2018

After experimenting with watercolor, the oil painting is perfectly suited to the more nuanced expression of the different shades of blue, its favorite colors.
Martial Dumoulin takes the visitor to a world where dreams and reality merge. Ambiguities force one to think. Peaceful or agitated, tormented or chaotic, subjects result from attachments, emotions, dreams and sometimes nightmares. The utopia being without limit, he finds there then this pleasant feeling of freedom, of escape.

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Exhibition of paintings by Marie Azzalini-Hiro from mid-August to October 2018

Young Swiss painter, Marie Azzalini-Hiroz is an autodidact whose inspiration is imbued with spirituality. The symbiosis of colors and lines communicates an emotion to each pictorial creation. The imagination is thus carried away for each of his works.

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