Discover three attractions on unique railways!

VerticAlp Emosson takes you to Châtelard, a village in the Trient Valley, in the heart of Espace Mont-Blanc, to the top of Emosson Dam, the second-largest water reservoir in Switzerland.

In less than an hour, using the three rail systems forming an unparalleled tourism park, you will disembark at an altitude of 1,965 m, facing the magnificent panorama of the legendary Mont-Blanc.

Once there, use any of the many marked trails to the Vieux-Emosson Dam to spot dinosaur tracks or just enjoy the countryside and a remarkable natural site.



    The departure point of your adventure. Two new panoramic carriages take you on an amazing vertical trip, with a maximum slope of 87%, making it one of the the steepest funicular in the world! During the ascent the view opens onto an increasingly grandiose Alpine landscape, until you arrive at Montuires station, 700 m higher.

    DepartureLe Châtelard (VS) 1125m
    ArrivalLes Montuires 1825m
    Journey time10 minutes
    Distance1310 m
    Capicity60 persons
    Height difference700 m
    Slope max87 %
    Track gauge1 000 mm

    On a track winding up a mountainside, the train takes you through forests and tunnels to the foot of Emosson Dam. The panoramic train offers magnificent views of the entire Mont-Blanc massif while overlooking the deep Bouqui Canyon.

    Departure Les Montuires 1825m
    Arrival Foot of Emosson dam 1815m
    Journey time10 minutes
    Capacity60 persons
    Height difference10m
    Slope max1,46 %
    Track gauge600mm

    The third of these amazing systems is a two-carriage monorail that takes you to the open Emosson heights overlooking the lake.

    Departure Foot of Emosson dam 1815m
    Arrival Lake Emosson 1965m
    Journey time2 minutes
    Distance260 m
    Capacity10 persons
    Height difference140m
    Slope max 73 %
    Track gauge900mm



funiculaire de Barberine

In 1919, Swiss Federal Railways (CFF) built the Barberine funicular to transport the materials and people needed to build the Barberine Dam. Once construction was completed in 1925, the funicular was kept for access for dam maintenance and inspection. In 1968, the start of work on the Emosson Dam sounded the death knell for the funicular and in 1973 the CFF decided to dismantle it.


transports Émosson-Barberine

To preserve the system and its record-breaking incline (87%), a limited company was created by the name of SA des Transports Émosson-Barberine (Sateb). A Decauville narrow-gauge railway was built between Montuires and the foot of Emosson Dam and in 1975 Sateb opened these two attractions to the public. In 1977 a Monorail was installed to take tourists to the foot of the summit overlooking Emosson Dam.

1988 - 1991

Trains Touristiques d'Emosson SA

Between 1988 and 1991, the Monorail was replaced by the Minifunicular. In 1999 the company changed its name to Trains Touristiques d'Emosson SA (TTE) and then in early 2004 to Parc d'Attractions du Châtelard VS SA (PAC).


Finhaut - Vertic Alp Emosson

In August 2014, the commune of Finhaut became the company’s majority shareholder and invested in modernizing the funicular.

Since 2015

Vertic Alp Emosson

23 May, VerticAlp Emosson welcomes you to an "ascensational" trip!