18 July > 29 August 2020

Aerial dance performance in the form of an initiation tale for children and adults through a magical and magical world.

Les spectacles prévus le samedi 29 août sont annulés pour cause de météo défavorable. Merci de votre compréhension. Dernière chance de découvrir le spectacle "La Danse des Branchés" le 12 septembre prochain lors de la fête de l'Etre.



Every Saturday ** at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Verticalp invites you to come and see an aerial and magical show in Les Montuires, at the Village des Branchés, in a unique setting facing Mont-Blanc.

** Except August 1.


Once upon a time there was a Princess…
This initiatory tale proposed by the NEO Company invites you to enter a wonderful world where the mysterious forces of nature confront the destiny of a pampered and very rigorous princess.

We will find there as aerial apparatus: the famous tubular sphere, fabric, hoop and a novelty with circular aerobatics.

The story

On the day of “the great feast of the Litha”, precisely the day that marks the summer solstice, the princess and her family opened the doors of the castle to offer music and feast to the villagers.
But that year, when the party was in full swing, an army of bloodthirsty barbarians from the north invaded the kingdom…
Succeeding to flee taken by an owl through the magic and evil forest, the exhausted Princess was stripped of everything ...
Desperate to have lost everything, the giant, the bearer of light casts a spell on him, making his sub-personalities escape:
"The air" (the inner child, the lightness)
"Fire" (warrior, anger, strength)
"Water" (mother, sweetness and intuition)

Embark on this adventure that will amaze you with its magic!


  • Original idea and Direction: Michaël Rouzeau
  • Text: Michaël Rouzeau & Estelle Roux
  • Aerial choreography: Estelle Roux
  • Dance choreography: Emmanuelle Derivaz
  • Game, fabric & hoop: Eloïse Kurmann
  • Dancers: Morgane Stephan, Lucien Zumofen
  • Acrobat, dancer & hoop: Claire Prudent
  • Costumes: Faustine Moillet
  • Voice-over: Jérôme Melly
  • Music and arrangements: Emmanuelle Derivaz & Emmanuel Villani

Visit :

* Only if the weather is good.